May 18, 2012

About Us

Daren Gray’s career in optics started over 20 years ago where he cultivated his optical skills in New England.  While on a vacation to visit some family in Las Vegas he recognized an opportunity to create a more fashion-forward and technology based practice. Daren quickly established a strong reputation in the local community as well as in the industry with his ability to identify the next fashion trend as well as partnering with the most exclusive eyewear manufacturers.  I set out to create an environment where my associates and I could provide unmatched customer service and unrivaled optical collections.  It’s important to me that my clientele receives compliments on their eyewear as a majority of my business is referral based.

In addition to helping brands establish themselves in Las Vegas, Daren continues to consult many premiere optical companies on developing lens technology, frame design and help them create RX standards in the sunglass industry. He periodically tests products before they are released to the public, which helps him select the most comfortable, optically correct and fashionable designs.

Daren enjoy spending time in New York, Paris, Italy, Germany and many other markets searching out sustainable, cutting edge designs. He has hand selected, designed and modified eyewear for many celebrities including Elton John, Bono, Shaq, Kix Brooks, Michael Clark Duncan, Charles Oakley, Don Cheadle and members of Duran Duran.